Pervert Stepmom and Schoolgirl Spitting On Step-Daddy’s Mouth – Full of Saliva

Pervert Stepmom and Schoolgirl Spitting On Step-Daddy's Mouth - Full of Saliva

Bitchy stepmother with big tits, along with her depraved daughter, a schoolgirl, spit in her stepfather’s mouth completely filling him with saliva. Domineering Mistress Sofi in a sexy leather dress punishes her submissive husband for not taking her daughter from school. Playful but dominant Princess Kira in the form of a schoolgirl pervertedly spits in the face and mouth of her stepfather-slave, thereby supporting her mom. Both Mistresses chew gum, which are thrown into the slave’s mouth during the video. Mistress Sofi smokes a cigarette exhaling smoke into the face of a loser who obediently lies with his mouth full of saliva from his tormentors. The depraved mommy gives her daughter a smoke so that she then spits bitter saliva with nicotine into her stepfather’s mouth. Towards the end of the video, Kira picks up a smartphone and records a close-up of a slave’s mouth filled with saliva while mocking him.

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  • Length: 00:12:54
  • Issue: 19.02.2021
  • Language: Russian
  • Resolution: 1920x1080
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