Full Weight Facesitting In Sporty Yoga Pants With Mistress Kira and Chair Slave

Full Weight Facesitting In Sporty Yoga Pants With Mistress Kira and Chair Slave

In this video, we took into account the wishes of our viewers about the best positions for fullweight facesitting. Therefore, this clip combines three of the most popular and comfortable face-sitting positions for maximum viewing. In addition, Mistress Kira is wearing exactly those yoga pants (Nike) that she was wearing in our most popular video about face-sitting femdom. Especially thanks to this email with screenshots of the best face sitting poses from our previously produced clips.
I quote:

“This is the most beautiful position you see from the face of the slave who is inside your ass.”

“And also the angle of the video camera that it’s like that and only longer lol
That it’s filmed this way and closer and also from the other side, it’s just amazing!
Just see both the sitting on your face, and your ass as well
And also see his face inside your ass which is the most beautiful like that
Because if you are sitting on the face of your slave while he is lying on the couch then it is difficult to see your ass and his face.”

The beautiful and daring dominant Princess Kira in sporty white leggings (yoga pants) sits with all her weight on the face of a submissive human chair slave. Bratty girl covers the slave’s mouth and nose with her sexy ass, almost completely preventing the slave from breathing. And in this position, Kira records a selfie video with her smartphone while mocking the slave (in Russian). The Young Mistress in an orderly tone tells the slave to be patient and not move so as not to interfere with her comfortable sitting on his face. Therefore, this is not an ignorant facesitting, but on the contrary Empress Kira enjoys her power by verbally humiliating her subby human furniture slave. You will clearly see that throughout the entire video Mistress Kira sits with all her weight on slave’s face (not on the forehead, not on the head, but on the face) in a position in which the slave’s nose is deep in her ass, and his mouth is closed by her pussy in leggings. Connoisseurs of fullweight facesitting female domination will definitely love this video!

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