Bossy Teacher Humiliates Schoolgirl by Spitting In Her Mouth And Face – Roleplay Lezdom

Bossy Teacher Humiliates Schoolgirl by Spitting In Her Mouth And Face - Roleplay Lezdom

An incredibly sexy female teacher in a short tight skirt and stockings totally humiliates her schoolgirl. Domineering Sofi effectively enters the room in high heels with a stack in her hand and sitting on her throne immediately pointed the waiting submissive schoolgirl to a place at the feet of the beautiful teacher-Mistress. The strict teacher loves to see young schoolgirl bitches kneel before Her Majesty. But even more cruel Sofi loves to fill the mouth of a schoolgirl-slave with her saliva and spit on her entire pathetic face. Therefore, the second order of the Mistress was – open your mouth! In this position – with her mouth wide open, the slave girl kneeled in front of the dominant teacher and stood all the video. And fortunately it was on this day that Sofi was not at all worried about dry mouth – because she had a lot of saliva. The depraved lesbian teacher from the first seconds began to fill the open mouth of the slave girl with saliva in large quantities. At first, the Mistress did it slowly, stretching her saliva like a stream of a waterfall into the mouth of an enslaved schoolgirl. And in those short moments between humiliation by lesbian spitting – Sofi whipped her obedient student with a stack.
The more the slave girl’s oral cavity was filled with the Mistress’s divine saliva, the more the Mistress became aroused. Sofi unbuttoned her blouse revealing her gorgeous boobs and spread her legs showing her panties a little from under her skirt. In an excited state, the lesbian teacher changed the type of her spitting from slow to sharp and accurate at first (right into the mouth and throat of the subby lesbian schoolgirl), and then chaotically spat in the face of her slave-girl, almost completely covering it with a layer of saliva. This is a very hot video with large and clear plans of lezdom spitting and a spectacular combination of images of the Mistress-teacher and the submissive schoolgirl.

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  • Issue: 09.06.2021
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