Demonic Sofi – Lick My Asshole Slave!

Demonic Sofi - Lick My Asshole Slave!

A strict and sexy Mistress Sofi in a tight leather dress and latex high-heeled boots put her slave on a leash for his upcoming training to please her. The position of a slave in the presence of the Mistress – kneeling before her in anticipation of the order. And the training of the slave today will be about how to worship to the Mistress’s divine ass and how to please her asshole with the slave’s tongue. Before a pathetic slave deserves the honor of licking the Goddess’s ass, he must show his devotion and admiration for her ass. Therefore, following the instructions of the Mistress, the slave tenderly kisses the Mistress’s buttocks through a leather dress. Depending on the quality of the execution of orders from the Goddess Sofi, she either spits in the face of the slave or approves of his obedience. Then the demonic girl Sofi lifts her dress, exposing her buttocks and revealing her panties. At this stage, the worship procedure is repeated. And after that, Sofi lowers her panties and orders the slave to stick his tongue into her ass hole and carefully start licking her (rimming femdom).

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  • Length: 00:10:33
  • Issue: 13.09.2021
  • Language: Russian
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