Queen Kira and Her Slave Girl – Worship and Spitting Lezdom

Queen Kira and Her Slave Girl - Worship and Spitting Lezdom

The beautiful Queen Kira in a black corset and high-heeled boots, as well as befitting the Queen – with a crown on her head, enters the room leading a slave girl on a leash. The devilishly charming Kira sits down in her throne chair, and her lesbian slave is placed at the feet of her Mistress, kneeling before her. The Overbearing Queen orders the bitch to start kissing the Mistress’s boots, thereby showing her humility and devotion. Then the Mistress orders the slave girl to lift her face up and open her mouth for Kira to spit in her mouth. Today, the Queen decided to fill the dirty mouth of an inappropriate slave girl with her saliva, so she spits at him over and over again, while forbidding the slave to swallow saliva until the Mistress allows her to do it. In addition to spitting, Kira also humiliates the submissive girl in every possible way by throwing her legs at her and verbally insulting her. Then the Queen orders the bitch to lie on the floor, and she sits on her chest and continues to spit in her open mouth. In the end, Mistress Kira not only ordered to swallow all her saliva, but she herself made it so that the slave girl had no choice but to swallow all the Mistress’s saliva.

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  • Length: 00:07:15
  • Issue: 16.09.2021
  • Language: Russian
  • Resolution: 1920x1080
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  • Resolution: 1280x720
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