Domination Hierarchy – Mistress Kira’s Slave Girl Humiliates Her Boyfriend

Domination Hierarchy - Mistress Kira's Slave Girl Humiliates Her Boyfriend

Female power extends to all girls, regardless of their status. Therefore, a submissive bisexual girl who obeys other girls still dominates her boyfriend. The unnamed slave girl of Mistress Kira humiliates her boyfriend by spitting in his mouth. The unnamed girl speaks on the phone and spits into the open mouth of her slave between the conversation. At this moment, the Goddess Kira enters the room, who has complete power over her slave girl, and therefore over her boyfriend. Mistress Kira abusively calls her slaves and spits in the mouth of her slave girl after that the slave girl spits in the mouth of her boyfriend slave. Thus, a hierarchy of humiliation is formed – the most important Goddess Kira humiliates her slave girl, and the slave girl humiliates her boyfriend-slave. The Goddess Kira also teaches her submissive bitch how to spit in a slave’s mouth and how to humiliate and insult him verbally and physically. This is both femdom and lezdom – triple bisexual domination and humiliation.

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  • Length: 00:09:51
  • Issue: 14.11.2021
  • Language: Russian
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