Submissive Lesbian Kisses Mistress Sofie’s Socks and Bare Feet – Lezdom Foot Domination

Submissive Lesbian Kisses Mistress Sofie's Socks and Bare Feet - Lezdom Foot Domination

Bitchy Mistress Sofi humiliates her slave girl by ordering her to kiss the dirty socks on Mistress’s feet. The Athletic Princess just came home from the gym, so she’s still wearing stretch leggings and white sweaty socks, and now she sits in a chair while a submissive girl lies on the floor in front of her and breathes the smell of dirty socks. Sofi deliberately humiliates her lesbian bitch and orders her to breathe the smell of sweaty socks and kiss them. If the slave girl does not obey, then she receives a slap in the face with the Mistress’s feet. Then Mistress Sofi takes off her socks and orders the slave girl to kiss the already bare and sweaty feet of her Queen. The slave girl kisses every toe and every centimeter of her domineering Mistress’s foot.

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  • Length: 00:08:47
  • Issue: 28.12.2021
  • Language: Russian
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