Sofi Smokes And Use Slave’s Mouth Like A Human Ashtray

Sofi Smokes And Use Slave's Mouth Like A Human Ashtray

Princess Sofi, in casual clothes and at home, decided to smoke a cigarette in her room and flip through her smartphone. But in order not to litter the room with cigarette ashes, she decided to throw it into her slave’s mouth using it instead of an ashtray. Therefore, when Sofi sits on the couch, her slave lies at her feet with his mouth open and dutifully takes in the ashes and cigarette smoke. In addition, the Mistress uses the slave’s mouth not only as a human ashtray, but also as a human spittoon, spitting in the same place where she dumped the ashes. When the domineering girl finished her cigarette, she threw the cigarette butt into the slave’s mouth like in a trash can.

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  • Issue: 23.01.2022
  • Language: Russian
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