Kiss, Smell and Lick Our Dirty Socks – Double Lezdom Sock Worship

Kiss, Smell and Lick Our Dirty Socks - Double Lezdom Sock Worship

Two sporty girls Sofi and Kira teach their slave girl how to enjoy the taste and smell of her Mistresses’ sweat. The imperious girls came home after a walk and sat on the sofa without breaking their shoes. After that, they called the submissive girl Subby BB to their place and ordered her to remove the sneakers from her Mistresses, thus learning how to serve those who own her. When the slave girl took off her sneakers from her lesbian Mistresses – Mistress Kira took her sneaker and stuck it in the face of the slave girl, ordering her to sniff the sweat inside the dirty sneaker. Then the narcissistic Princesses ordered their bitch to lie down on the floor in front of them and make her face a supply for their feet in socks. Kira and Sofi put their feet in dirty and sweaty socks on the face of pathetic Subby BB and ordered her to worship their socks. The slave girl obediently kisses the sweaty socks on the feet of her Mistresses and sniffs them. The slave girl must get used to the smell of the sweat of her Mistresses and it must become her favorite smell. But Sofi and Kira did not think such humiliations were enough, so they ordered the slave girl to lick the dirty socks on their feet. Yes, bitch – lick the dirt and sweat from our socks – and swallow it all! The sweat of the Goddesses Kira and Sofi must be cleaned with the tongue of a submissive bitch Subby BB. After enough maintenance and cleaning of the socks of the two Mistresses, they began to take off their socks and put them on the face of the slave girl, pressing them into her nose so that she could smell them even better. Mistress Sofi then placed her bare feet on the slave girl’s face, and Mistress Kira took some cling film and wrapped Subby BB’s head and Sofie’s feet, mummifying them together.

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  • Issue: 21.08.2022
  • Language: Russian
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