Lesbian Slave’s Mouth Serves The Sneakers, Socks And Bare Feet Of Two Mistresses – Lezdom Foot Worship

Lesbian Slave's Mouth Serves The Sneakers, Socks And Bare Feet Of Two Mistresses - Lezdom Foot Worship

One day in the life of a miserable lesbian slave SL – no matter what she does at home, but at the moment when her Mistresses enter the house – she is obliged to kneel down to wait for them at the doorstep. Bitchy bisexual Mistresses Agma and Jucy came home from a walk, in dirty sneakers and immediately ordered the slave girl to start kissing and sniffing their dirty shoes. When the submissive SL slowly reacts to the orders of the Mistresses, they take her by the hair and direct her muzzle to their feet. Mistress Agma then took off her sneaker and pulled the inner part of it over the nose of the lesbian slave, ordering her to inhale the aroma of her sweat and dirt from her feet and socks inside the sneaker. After the dominant girls received the right amount of worship for their legs from the submissive bitch, they went into the room to sit comfortably, with the slave girl crawling after them. Subby SL knelt at the feet of her Mistresses and was immediately ordered by Mistress Jucy to smell their dirty socks feet. The slave girl kisses and sniffs each sock of the two Mistresses while they humiliate her. Then Jucy took off her sock and threw it on the floor and ordered the lesbian slave to pick it up with her mouth, and both Mistresses threw the rest of the socks in the face of the slave, mocking her. The time has come for the slave girl to wash the bare feet of both powerful girls with her tongue. Mistress Jucy immediately stuck her dirty bare foot into the slave girl’s face and ordered her to lick her completely. Lesbian slave carefully licks the Mistress’s foot from heel to toes while coughing from all the dirt that has moved from Jucy’s feet into the mouth of a miserable slave. When the pathetic pink haired SL tries to refuse to lick Mistress Jucy’s feet, Jucy tells her that she doesn’t ask her, she orders her, so she has to keep cleaning Mistresse’s feet with her fucking tongue. The slave girl had to do the same with the dirty feet of Mistress Agma. Finally, bitchy Agma and Jucy also gave a couple of humiliating orders to their slave girl, for example, that she kissed every toe of each of the Mistresses.

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  • Issue: 07.02.2023
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