Bullying After Class – Hard Lezdom Humiliation

Bullying After Class - Hard Lezdom Humiliation

Bully students Jucy and Agma bully their classmate after class. A submissive uniformed girl does their homework at the behest of her tormentors while Agma and Jucy have fun with their friends. But this is not the worst thing that awaits a submissive girl today, because when the hooligan girls returned, they immediately began to humiliate the slave girl. The dominant girls immediately began to punish the slave girl for doing her classmates’ homework poorly, Jucy slaps her and hits her with a book. After that, the girls order the submissive bitch to kiss their pussies and asses. Mistress Jucy in leather pants put her hands on the wall with her ass sticking out, and Mistress Agma grabbed the slave girl by the hair and pressed her face into Jucy’s ass. A submissive girl in fear kisses her classmate’s ass and then Agma came up with an interesting idea – she took a rope and tied the slave girl’s head to Jucy’s ass. After that, the dominant girls took turns saddling the face of the slave girl. As the slave knelt before Mistress Jucy, the Mistress kicked the bitch in the face with her foot, then seemed to apologize and immediately kicked again while mocking the miserable lesbian slave. After the slave girl kissed the feet of the Mistresses, Jucy grabbed her and led her to the toilet after her. Here, the horrified slave girl was waiting for even more humiliation. The owners took the bitch by the hair and lowered her face into the toilet, ordering her to take water into her mouth there, then lifted her up to make sure that her mouth was full of water from the toilet, and then ordered her to swallow everything. Then the dominant lesbians continued to humiliate the slave girl with the help of the toilet, putting her face into the toilet and putting on the toilet rim on top. The Mistresses ordered the submissive girl to put her head on the open toilet bowl face up, and they themselves began to sit on her face, saying that now she is their toilet and humiliating her verbally.

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