Cruel Lesbian Spitting Humiliation – Four Mistresses Spat on Slave Girl’s Face and Mouth

Cruel Lesbian Spitting Humiliation - Four Mistresses Spat on Slave Girl's Face and Mouth

A group of sadistic lesbians from four Mistresses – Kira, Agma, Agata and Jucy decided to spit the entire face and mouth of the slave girl so that she was completely mired in their saliva. To make it convenient for each of the four dominant lesbians to spit in the miserable face of the lesbian slave – they are located around the head of Subby BB and above her face. Without unnecessary preludes, the Mistresses began to spit in the face of the slave girl, rapidly covering it with saliva. But the four Mistresses have enough saliva to spit into the slave’s mouth and fill it completely with saliva, so they did it. It can be seen that the submissive girl is not very pleased to receive humiliating spitting in her face and mouth, so she tries in every possible way to turn her head around, because of which Mistress Kira rudely yelled at her ordering her to keep her face straight and endure all the humiliation with spitting.

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  • Length: 00:09:17
  • Issue: 26.04.2023
  • Language: Russian
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