Facefart Humiliatrix From Three Mistresses – Group Lezdom Farting

Facefart Humiliatrix From Three Mistresses - Group Lezdom Farting

A nerdy girl was sitting on the couch and reading something when three dominant bitches in tight yoga suits entered the room. Without unnecessary preludes, Mistress Sofi grabbed the slave girl by the throat and declared that now she would breathe the farts of three Mistresses at once – Kira, Dorimills and Sofi. To confirm her statement, Sophie sat on the slave girl’s face and, pushing a little, farted right in her nose. Then Kira and Dorimills also took turns sitting on the slave girl’s face and farting in her nose and mouth, mocking her at the same time. The lesbian slave is grimacing from the unbearable smell, but she cannot resist the orders of her Mistresses, so on their orders, she knelt on the floor and alternately began to press her face between the buttocks of each of the three Mistresses so that they would fart in her face. The humiliation of the slave girl only intensified with each moment, because later the Mistresses began to fart in her face two at a time. Then the three Mistresses clamped the slave girl’s head with their asses and the three of them started feeding her their farts at the same time.

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  • Issue: 01.02.2024
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