Farts in Slave’s Face From Three Mean Girls

Farts in Slave's Face From Three Mean Girls

Three mean girls Kira, Sofi and Agma play pool while the pathetic slave sniffs their divine asses and sucks their farts. Mistresses in sportswear love to feel the slave’s face between their buttocks even when they are playing billiards, because it is not known exactly when the Mistress will want to fart, so the slave must always keep his face near their asses in order to quickly inhale the divine fart. In addition, Mistresses love to hit not only billiard balls with a cue, but also the slave on his dick. Three mean girls even decided to take a break from the game to sit on the slave‚Äôs face and fart deep in his nose.

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  • Length: 00:12:14
  • Issue: 07.03.2024
  • Language: Russian
  • Resolution: 1920×1080
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  • Format:: MP4