Foot Worship and Cleaning of Mistress Dorimills’ Slippers with Slave’s Tongue

Foot Worship and Cleaning of Mistress Dorimills' Slippers with Slave's Tongue

Petite Mistress Dorimills returned home after a walk in the hot summer. The blonde Mistress is wearing summer flip-flops, which she has been wearing for several years now, so the sweat from her feet has already completely soaked them. As soon as the Mistress entered home, she immediately called her slave, who immediately rushed over and knelt before the Goddess. Dorimills ordered the slave to clean her slippers and her bare feet from dirt and sweat with his tongue. The foot slave carefully licked the Mistress’s slippers from all sides, and the insoles (soaked with the Mistress’s sweat) and the dirty soles of the slippers. Then the slave ran his tongue over the Mistress’s sweaty bare feet, sucking them with pleasure. To assert her permissiveness, Mistress Dorimills herself stuck her toes into the slave’s mouth so that he would suck them, and also stuck her heel deep stretching the slave’s mouth. In addition, the blonde Mistress periodically spat into the slave’s open mouth. When the Mistress’s feet were already shining with cleanliness after being licked by the slave, she ordered the slave to smell her armpits and then kiss them passionately.

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