Sadistic Gothic Mistress Kira – Hard Female Domination

Sadistic Gothic Mistress Kira - Hard Female Domination

Devilishly sexy Goddess Kira in a sexy gothic image called a submissive guy to her and told him that she wanted to have some fun. But the slave did not even have time to answer as the cruel Mistress hit him in the balls with her knee, that the slave fell to the floor in pain. But not allowing the slave to recover, Kira slapped him on the cheek, first with a whip and then with her hand, ending it with a spit in the face of the slave. Then the Gothic Mistress lifted her dress under which black panties with a cross were hidden.

-Worship me and my pussy slave, because I am your Goddess!

After the slave knelt down and began to pray for his Queen’s pussy, she ordered him to kiss and then lick her divine pussy. Further, the Gothic Princess ordered the submissive guy to kiss her leather boots in order to see how the slave grovels in front of her majesty. But this was too little for the horny sadistic Mistress, so she ordered the slave to lie on his stomach, and she stood with full weight and in high heels on his back (fullweight trampling in high-heels). Then, after a series of whipping, Kira sat on slave’s back and crossed her palms on his face, thus blocking his breathing (hand over mouth smother femdom). The cruel and beautiful Kira enjoys the way her slave gasp at her hands. In the end, without getting up from the back of the slave, Kira orders him to crawl, using him as a riding pet (pony-play femdom). Face Slaps, Whipping, Pussy Worship, Spitting, Trampling, Foot Worship, HomSmother, Horse-Riding, Humiliation Femdom with gorgeous Gothic FemGoddess Kira.

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  • Length: 00:07:56
  • Issue: 10.08.2021
  • Language: Russian
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