If Goddess Agma Smokes – So The Slave’s Mouth Turns Into An Ashtray

If Goddess Agma Smokes - So The Slave's Mouth Turns Into An Ashtray

Blond long hair and black tight clothes (leggings and a top) – this is how the tattooed Goddess Agma looks today. Since Agma has had a personal slave for a long time, he is already trained in how to serve his Mistress. Therefore, if the skinny Mistress goes to the balcony to smoke a cigarette, the slave immediately takes his place – the place of a human ashtray for Goddess. The slave sat down on the cold floor and lifted his face up and opened his mouth turning it into an ashtray for Mistress Agma. Blonde Domme only once drew attention to the slave as a person – when she ordered him to give her a cigarette and light it up, because in the future she ignores him using him simply as an ashtray by dropping cigarette ashes into his mouth. Narcissistic Agma calmly smokes a cigarette and flips through the news feed in her smartphone, distracted only by chipping the ashes into the slave’s mouth and sometimes exhaling cigarette smoke into his face and mouth. When the cigarette is finished, the Mistress puts the cigarette butt in the slave’s mouth as in an ordinary ashtray.

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  • Issue: 27.09.2021
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