Kira and Sofi Spit in Slave’s Face Completely Covering It With Their Saliva

Kira and Sofi Spit in Slave's Face Completely Covering It With Their Saliva

Two dominant red-haired girls Kira and Sofi have teamed up again to jointly humiliate one slave. The submissive guy was wrapped with a rope, shackling his hands and put his body on the floor, and his head on the sofa, face up, so that it would be convenient to spit in his face and mouth. And now, without unnecessary preludes, the cruel Mistresses began to spit continuously in the face of the slave. Sadistic girls spit in a slave’s eyes and nose and on every inch of his face. Sofi also orders the slave to open his mouth so that she spat at him. Young Mistresses scoff at the slave and verbally humiliate him, and when they saw that the slave closed his eyes, they began to deliberately spit into his eye shells, filling them with saliva. The face of the slave, completely covered with saliva of the two girls, is shown in close-up for you to see for yourself.

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  • Issue: 26.09.2021
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