Sadistic Humiliation Of Human Ashtray With Spit And Ashes – Public Lezdom Party

Sadistic Humiliation Of Human Ashtray With Spit And Ashes - Public Lezdom Party

A lesbian party consisting of four girls is assembled only for three of these girls to satisfy their sadistic needs by humiliating the fourth girl – Subby BB. In addition, the bitchy Princesses Kira, Dorimills and Jucy do not want to interrupt the humiliation of a pathetic slave girl even during a smoke break, when they all need to go out onto the public balcony of a high-rise building. Moreover, it is not decent to litter in a public place, and therefore the open mouth of a slave girl will perfectly replace an ashtray and a spittoon for three smoking Mistresses. Therefore, the lesbian slave knelt on the dirty floor of the balcony so that it would be convenient for the three smoking Goddesses to use the living human ashtray for its intended purpose, as well as to humiliate her with spitting. As soon as the Mistresses began to smoke cigarettes, the face of the slave girl began to turn into a trash can, on which large lumps of saliva flow after the spitting of the Mistresses. Power bitches taunt the lesbian loser by dropping cigarette ash into her obediently open mouth, and spitting follows to increase the humiliation. Dorimills, Kira and Jucy are not at all worried that the neighbors can see all this when they go out for a smoke break, and even more so when the slave girl, all spit and covered in cigarette ashes, returns home walking along the public corridor because this is already the problem of a lesbian slave, and even if this happens, it will only humiliate her even more, from which the Mistresses will only be delighted.

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