Dominant Female Teachers Humiliate Student Girl – Role Play Lezdom

Dominant Female Teachers Humiliate Student Girl - Role Play Lezdom

A strict, red-haired, bespectacled female teacher, Agma, oversteps her authority by conducting a private lesson with a female student Subby BB. When an obedient student does something wrong, Agma reacts harshly either by slapping her in the face, or by taking a book and hitting her student in the face. But having decided that the obedient student was studying very poorly, Agma called the class teacher (Dorimills) of the student, and she immediately appeared. And now two dominant female teachers have decided that if a bad student is bad in knowledge, then let her show her abilities in serving women. Therefore, the submissive student was immediately sent under the table where she was ordered to lick the dirty high heels on the shoes of both female teachers. The Dominant Girls then ordered the submissive bitch to completely lick their shoes. The teacher girls then decided to test how submissive their student girl was and ordered her to start kissing and sniffing their asses. After that, the submissive bitch had to bow in the same way to the pussies of powerful female teachers. Such power over the humiliated female student aroused both female teachers, so they began to further humiliate the pathetic bitch by spitting in her face and mouth, ordering her to lick the soles of their shoes and verbally insulting her. Lezdom shoe worship, lezdom ass worship, lezdom pussy worship, lezdom spitting, lezdom roleplay.

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