Lesbian Bitch Washes Herself With The Saliva Of Three Mistresses – Group Lezdom Spitting

Three beautiful girls – Sofi, Agma and Dorimills humiliate one slave girl with their spitting and saliva. Mistress Sofi orders the submissive lesbian to obediently accept spitting in her face, kneeling before the Goddesses. Then all three Mistresses begin to spit on the face of the slave girl, rapidly covering it with saliva. When the saliva on the face of a lesbian slave becomes too much, she begins to flow down her face and drip onto the floor, so one of the Mistresses takes her by the hair and tilts her to the floor, after which she wipes her face with saliva from the floor. Then the tormentor girls began to spit in the palms of the slave girl, and when they were filled with saliva, the Mistresses ordered her to wash herself with their saliva, rubbing saliva into her face and lick it off. But a lesbian slave must not only endure such humiliation from dominant girls, but also fold her palms and pray to her Goddesses who considered her worthy to wash their divine saliva.

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  • Issue: 22.07.2023
  • Language: Russian
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