Slave’s Mouth Is An Ashtray For Three Smoking Girls

Slave's Mouth Is An Ashtray For Three Smoking Girls

Three hooligan girls Kira, Sofi and Jucy tricked the obedient girl Subby BB into a dirty garage to smoke cigarettes. But Subby BB was deceived, because only three trashy girls would smoke, but Subby BB herself would be their human ashtray. Since timid Subby BB was afraid to resist the wishes of three ill-mannered girls, she had to sit on the dirty floor in the garage and open her mouth so that Jucy, Sofi and Kira could shake out cigarette ash into it. Three powerful girlfriends love to humiliate pathetic bitches, so this smoke break was especially exciting for them. In addition to the role of a human ashtray, the slave girl also provided her mouth for the saliva of the three Mistresses. The three Mistresses also actively spat into the dirty mouth of the humiliated bitch. And in the end, all the cigarette butts were thrown into the same open mouth of the slave girl.

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  • Issue: 16.09.2023
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