Extreme Humiliation With Saliva Over A Bondaged Girl – Spitting Lezdom

Extreme Humiliation With Saliva Over A Bondaged Girl - Spitting Lezdom

Tied on the floor, the slave girl with her mouth taped meekly lies and awaits her fate. Mistress Kira, enjoying her power, records how she tied up her slave girl and left her without water for some time. When the Mistress returned, she brought her friend with her – Mistress Dorimills. The Mistresses removed the tape covering the slave girl’s mouth and showed her that they had a bottle of water in their hands, and asked – do you want to drink, bitch? At the same time, the Mistresses immediately began to pour water on the slave‚Äôs head and on the floor so that she had to lick the water off the floor, while the Mistresses began to spit there. When the sadistic girls in latex sat the bound slave girl on the floor, they immediately began to spit in her face and in her mouth. Kira asked Dorimills to take an empty glass so that they could spit into it together, so that the pathetic slave girl would then drink it. After that, two dominant girls humiliated the tied bitch for a long time and painfully by spitting in her mouth, in her face and on her hair, and at the same time filling the glass with their saliva. Then Dorimills ordered the slave to open her mouth, after which she poured the entire contents of the glass into her mouth and ordered her to swallow. The humiliated lesbian slave did not swallow everything, but what she spat out was wiped away by her own body. The Mistresses took turns taking the slave by the legs and dragging her along the ground using her as a doormat. They spat on the tied bitch, wiped their soles on her, dragged her along the ground and ordered her to lick the saliva of her Mistresses from the floor.

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  • Issue: 30.01.2024
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