Lick The Armpits And Lick The Mistresses’ Saliva From Their Tits POV

Lick The Armpits And Lick The Mistresses' Saliva From Their Tits POV

Are you ready to serve the piquant areas on the bodies of three different Mistresses with your tongue? In front of you are three sexy Mistresses – Sofi, Kira and Agma, and each of them wants you to lick their armpits right now. Only Mistress Agma has perfectly shaved armpits, so you can lick the sweat from them without difficulty. Mistresses Sofi and Kira have small stubble on their armpits, but you should still lick them too. After you licked all the sweat from the Mistresses’ armpits, they started spitting there and now you have to lick their saliva from their armpits.
The girls loved watching you lick their saliva, and now they want you to lick the saliva right off their tits. That’s why each of the three Princesses spits on her tits and orders you to lick their saliva. Then the girls started spitting on each other’s tits, mixing different saliva that you have to lick from their tits.

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  • Issue: 19.02.2024
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