Ash, Dirt From Shoe Soles And Spit Fill Slave’s Mouth After The Mockery By Two Mistresses

Ash, Dirt From Shoe Soles And Spit Fill Slave's Mouth After The Mockery By Two Mistresses

The guy went out onto the landing to quietly smoke cigarettes and even put on a stupid mask over his eyes so that he wouldn’t be recognized. But as soon as the guy sat down on one of the steps of the stairs, the sounds of girls descending appeared from above. Two dominant girlfriends Kira and Sofi knew this loser neighbor, so they immediately decided to smoke a cigarette with him, but only for to mock with him. At first, Mistress Sofi placed her foot with a sneaker on the loser guy’s shoulder as a footstool, then Mistress Kira ordered him to open his mouth, and she blew cigarette smoke into him. When the Mistresses realized that this guy was just a slave and would do what they ordered, they began to humiliate him without regret. The slave’s mouth turned into a human ashtray into which Kira and Sofi threw cigarette ash, as well as into a spittoon into which they spat. Moreover, the Mistresses wanted the slave’s tongue to become a rag for them to wipe the dirt from their shoes. The slave obediently licked the dirt from the soles of Sofi and Kira’s dirty shoes (sneakers and boots), mixing it in his mouth with the ashes and saliva of the two Mistresses. Mixed with face slaps and a scissor grip around the slave’s neck, the girls thoroughly enjoyed how they humiliated the pathetic loser and finally threw the cigarette butts into his mouth and left.

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