High Heels Shoes Cleaning Of Three Goddesses With Slave’s Tongue After Food Crushing

High Heels Shoes Cleaning Of Three Goddesses With Slave's Tongue After Food Crushing

High Heels Femdom Foot Party [Part 1 of 2]

Three exquisite Goddesses Sofi, Agma and Kira in high heels gathered for a party, and now it’s time to clean the shoes, and they will do it with the help of a slave. The Goddesses sat down in a semicircle on chairs and called a slave to them, who immediately crawled on all fours and settled at their feet. The foot slave was immediately ordered to clean the feet with his tongue and suck the high heels of each of the three Goddesses. The slave obediently began to lick the feet of the shoes and boots of each of the three Mistresses, alternately cleaning them with his tongue. Then the slave just as carefully sucked each high heel of each Mistress. And sometimes the slave had to suck three different high heels at the same time at the desire of the depraved Goddesses.

But as soon as the slave thought that he had already completed his job of cleaning women’s shoes, Mistress Sofi brought a piece of cake and, standing in front of the slave, pointedly threw it on the floor. All three Goddesses began to crush this cake on the floor with their feet and high heels right in front of the kneeling slave’s face. Taunting the humiliated slave, the Mistresses ordered him to lick pieces of cake from their heavily soiled shoes. Now the foot slave must again use his mouth and tongue to clean the shoes and boots of the Mistresses until they shine, while eating all the dirt (leftover food). When the slave completed his task, the Mistresses, realizing that they still had a lot of time before the party started, they took him to another room, saying that they would now trample him with high heels (subsequent trampling by three Mistresses in high heels in a separate video Part 2).

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