Stilettos Torment Screaming Slave – Extreme Trampling With Three Ruthless Mistresses

Stilettos Torment Screaming Slave - Extreme Trampling With Three Ruthless Mistresses

High Heels Femdom Foot Party [Part 2 of 2]

After the three sadistic Mistresses Kira, Sofi and Agma humiliated the slave by ordering him to clean all the dirt from their shoes with his tongue (Part 1), they brought the slave to a more comfortable place for merciless trampling with stiletto heels. The masked slave lies on his back, and the three Goddesses took dominant positions around him, and Goddess Sofi immediately violently jumped with both legs on his stomach and chest with high heels. Then Sofi began to plunge her stilettos heels deep into the stomach of the screaming slave, then the Mistresses switched, and now Agma is trampling the slave with her stilettos heels. The Mistresses offered their hand to Mistress Kira so that she could safely stand on the slave’s body, because Kira had the longest and sharpest stiletto heels with which she began to trample the slave’s belly, digging the stilettos heels deeply into his skin.

The merciless girls began to take turns trampling the slave’s body, leaving many marks on it from high heels, while one of the Goddesses tramples the slave, Mistress Sofi puts her heel in the slave’s mouth to silence his screams of pain. At some point, Sofi took off her latex panties and used her heel to stuff them into the slave’s mouth instead of a gag. Because the sadistic Mistress Kira with her sharp stilettos heels mercilessly trampled the nipples of the screaming slave. And Mistress Agma, while trampling the slave, dug her two heels into the slave’s stomach and began to bounce on him like on a trampoline. To get even more pleasure from their power, Sofi and then Agma took turns standing with their full weight on the slave’s chest and squatted over his face, ordering him to kiss their asses at the moment when they trampled him. Excited by the screams of the slave, the Mistresses began to trample his body at the same time, standing on him two at a time, and towards the end of the sadistic party, the slave’s whole body looked like a sieve with traces of stilettos heels, and his nipple even became like a hole instead of sticking out.

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  • Issue: 05.12.2023
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